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Polyethylene Well Pipe

Choosing Well Pipe

When installing a submersible pump it is important to select pipe that has a pressure rating that matches or exceeds the working pressure that will exist in the well.

Two factors are used to determine Working Pressure:
  1. Number of feet from the pressure tank to the pumping water level
    (One Foot of Water Depth = .433 PSI)
  2. The setting of the tank pressure switch(in PSIG)
The following formula will provide the Working Pressure:

(Depth X .433) + (switch setting) = Working Pressure

For example, if the pumping level is 330 ft. and the Pressure Switch is set at 50 PSIG the formula will be:

(330 X .433) + 50 = 192.9 PSI

A pipe with a rating of 200 PSI or greater is needed. Use of pipe with a lower pressure rating may result in pipe failure.

Please Note: If the pumping level used to calculate pipe requirements for a well is substantially above the bottom and the pumping level drops due to drought or other conditions, the pressure rating of the pipe could be exceeded.

Polyethylene Well Pipe

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Endot Industries Submersible Poly Pipe, 160PSI, 1 1/4" Diameter
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Endot Industries Submersible Poly Pipe, 200PSI, 1" Diameter
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