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Aqua Science is one of the nation's largest sources for Submersible Well Pumps, Jet Pumps, Pressure Tanks, Pressure Booster Systems, Drinking Water Systems, Cartridge Filters, Water Softeners, pH Neutralizers, Radon Mitigation Systems and much more...

Founded in 1985 with the single concept, "We will bring the world's finest water treatment equipment and well water supplies to the public at the lowest prices in the country. We will work hard to insure you and your family the safest and highest water quality, the best available advice, and a company that cares about its customers."

We have over 50,000 customers accounts in the United States and Canada. We have in our staff a well trained, professional team of Water Treatment Professionals ready to assist you with your Water Quality concerns.

We carry the top brand names in the Water Treatment industry like Amtrol Pressure Tanks, Goulds Pumps, Fleck Controls, Davey, Grundfos, Walrus Booster Pumps etc.

As part of our corporate philosophy, we believe direct contact between ourselves and the customer is critical in establishing a working relationship. That's why when you call Aqua Science, you will be greeted with a human voice. Although we have a voice-mail system, it is only used when we are closed, or in those inevitable instances when a flood of calls come at once. Please contact us at any time, as we look forward to hearing from you.


Pumps, Tanks & Well Components

Cartridge Filters & Housings, Reverse Osmosis, & UV Sterilization

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