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DuraBase Tank Spacer for 22" Steel Stand Models


DuraBase Tank Spacer - Fits Amtrol 22" Steel Stand Models

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DuraBase Tank Spacer - Fits Amtrol 22" Steel Stand Models

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Model # DURABASE-22


Pressure Tanks

How much air pressure should my pressure tank have?

This depends on which pressure switch you have.  If you have a 40/60 switch, the air pressure in the tank should be set to 38 PSI.  The general rule is to set the pressure at 2 PSI below the cut-in pressure (the pressure at which the pump turns on).
To set this accurately, your well pump must be turned off and all water needs to be drained from the tank.  

What is Drawdown?

Drawdown refers to the amount of water available in a pressure tank for use before the pressure switch turns the pump back on to replenish the supply.  The larger the drawdown, the longer your pump will run for each cycle increasing pump life by reducing the number of times the pump has to turn on. 

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