Zilmet 2.1 Gallon Inline Stainless Steel Expansion Tank

The Z8 STAINLESS STEEL expansion tanks are fit for all applications near coastal areas where the presence of brackishness or harsh chemical environments that rapidly corrode all parts made of plain steel. They allow water expansion in domestic heating systems equipped with boilers or heat exchangers.  They are also used in every application where ultimate hygiene is required, as in a house or a community.
These expansion tanks are equipped with a non-toxic food grade membrane with world wide certifications from demanding organizations for the approval of parts used in the food industry.   Our high quality materials, manufacturing procedures and continuous ZILMET USA quality control, make our INOX PRO tanks a long-lasting life cycle and no need for special maintenance.

2.1 Gallon Inline Stainless Steel Expansion Tank more photos
Model # ZS8
Capacity 2.1
Material Stainless Steel
Size 7.8" x 10.8"
Drawdown @(30-50 PSI) .7 Gallons
Drawdown @(40-60 PSI) .5 Gallons
Connection 3/4" NPTM
Warranty 5 Year Limited Warranty
Weight 6 lbs. (Shipping Weight)
UPC 8019855038375
Price: $117.00

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Zilmet is a leading manufacturer and designer of high quality diaphragm well and expansion tanks with over 50 years experience and they have produced over 7.5 million tanks.

Construction Material:

Description Material
Shell 304 Stainless Steel 
Connection 304 Stainless Steel 
Fixed Membrane Butyl **
** for potable water applications

Operating Conditions:

Maximum Operation Pressure 150 PSI
Operationg Temperature 210 F
Factory Precharge 36 PSI

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