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Goulds Balanced Flow Constant Pressure System, 1.5HP Motor 7GPM at 60PSI - 330ft

Model # 7GP0715

The Gould ProPak has several advantages over a traditional submersible pump system:

  • City-like water pressure at every faucet no matter the demand
  • Lower electricity usage by 50% due to the controller converting single phase to 3 phase
  • 0-100 PSI Pressure Setting with finger controlled adjustments
  • Only a small inline pressure tank is needed, no large bulky floor stand models are required
  • Wall mounted controller saves space and is Nema 3 rated and can be mounted outside
  • Designed for continuous operation:  Ideal for larger homes, irrigation systems, tight installation clearance issues, and geothermal applications.
  • High quality Goulds GS stainless steel pump with sand and abrasion resistant design
  • Self Diagnostic Controls check for Dry Well Ground Fault, Short Circuit Disconnected Lead, High Pressure Sensor, Temperature Fault
  • Smaller gauge wire is required

Goulds ProPak Kit include:

  • CentriPro Three Phase Motor - 1.5 HP, 230 V - M15432
  • CentriPro Aquavar SOLO™ Controller with Transducer - 3AS20
  • Goulds Pumps GS Water End (pump) - 7GS07 - (1 1/4" Female NPT discharge)

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Features and Accessories

Product Features

  • Simple, fast sizing and installation.
  • Range curves and selection charts generated from actual R&D tests.
  • Kits configured for 30 Hz minimum and 80 Hz maximum operation.
  • Wiring is as easy as standard three-wire control box: (1) L1, L2 and Ground in from power supply (2)Red, Yellow, Black and Ground out to motor
  • Pressure is factory preset at 50 psi with simple, fast, field adjustability for higher pressures.
  • Three phase output to motor reduces wire cost.
  • Goulds model GS features the Guardian bearing system and field proven sand and abrasive handling floating stack design.
  • New – a Switch Input for connecting a pressure switch or float switch.
  • New – Grounding provisions for transducer and transducer cable.

Balanced Flow Controller – NEW FEATURES:

  • New, more versatile user interface board
  • Provides switch connection for optional pressure or level switch
  • New current limit settings for all new CentriPro motors
  • Dry well sensitivity switch
  • Broken pipe protection
  • 5 or 20 PSI pressure drop restart switch
  • Transducer better protected from transient power surges

Transducer – NEW AND IMPROVED:

  • Larger port orifice to prevent clogging
  • Case to electronics surge protection
  • All Stainless Steel construction
  • Pressure surge capability without the use of a pressure snubber
  • Case coupled noise immunity
  • Reverse voltage protection
  • Line to electronics ground surge protection on all lines
  • Transducer cable has ground wire built-in
  • Ground clamp provided for transducer to cable grounding

Performance Charts

Additional Info


Additional Info

Model # 7GP0715
Phase 1 Input 3 Output
Amps 4.2 amps
Voltage 230 v
Wire Count 3 Wire
Motor Horsepower 1.5 hp
Shipping Weight 56
Warranty 3 Year Limited
Production This pump set at 330 ft will produce 7 gpm @ 60 PSI

Poly Pipe

Submersible Poly Pipe in 1" or 1 1/4" Diameters, and PSI rating of 160PSI or 200PSI.

Description Length

*Free Shipping!

*Free Shipping!


Electrical Wire Gauge Required for a 1.5 HP, 3 Wire, 230V, 1 Input 3 Output Phase Motor

Copper Wire Size 12 Gauge 10 Gauge 8 Gauge 6 Gauge 4 Gauge 2 Gauge
Distance from service entrance to motor 320 ft. 510 ft. 808 ft. 1257 ft. 2004 ft. 3182 ft.

PVC Submersible Pump Well Wire

2 Wire (with ground) Twisted Submersible Wire

Wire Type Length

3 Wire (with ground) Twisted Submersible Wire

Wire Type Length

Double Jacketed, Direct Burial UF-B Feeder Wire

2 Wire (with ground), Double Jacketed, Direct Burial UF-B Feeder Wire

Wire Type Length

3 Wire (with ground), Double Jacketed, Direct Burial UF-B Feeder Wire

Wire Type Length

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