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Model Number
: WTC-A06
: Boshart Industries
: 7.78E+11

Boshart Industries 6" Aluminum Watertight Vermin Proof Well Cap


6" Aluminum Watertight Well Cap.

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6" Aluminum Watertight Well Cap.

Features and Accessories

Product Features

• Easy to install, easy access for maintenance
• Vermin proof with large screened air vents
• Greater clearance for submersible pump cable
• Stainless steel hardware
• O-ring system ensures reliable watertight seal between well casing and retainer ring
• A second O-ring is used to seal cover and retainer ring, a positive compression seal is achieved by tightening 4 bolts
• Grounding terminal with bolt provided
• A well log is provided inside each cap to record installation data/specifications


Additional Info

Manufacturer Boshart Industries
Model # WTC-A06
Home Config N/A
Shipping Weight 3

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