Goulds Variable Speed Constant Pressure Booster Pump, 1HP, 230V

The Aquavar ABII pump controller and complete booster package kits provide an economical answer for municipal and private water systems with low water pressure. Both domestic and light commercial above ground boosters can benefit. As water use increases, the controller changes pump speed to maintain pressure. Large supply tanks are eliminated and up to 50% of the energy required by a full speed pump is saved.
Pre-packaged system that includes:

  • pump/motor
  • pressure tank - Goulds V6P (2 gallons)
  • pressure transducer
  • manufactured tee (copper/brass)
  • pressure gauge
  • wiring with flexible conduit

Variable Speed Constant Pressure Booster Pump, 1HP, 230V more photos
Model # 1AB2LB1035
Motor Horsepower 1 HP
Phase 3 Phase
Voltage 230 V
Amps 4.2
Max. Flow Rate 15 GPM
Max. pump boost pressure on existing pressure 60 PSI
Connection 1.25" Inlet /1" Outlet
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Weight 55 lbs. (Shipping Weight)
UPC 697666364852
Price: $927.00

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Self diagnostic variable speed controller is the next generation of constant  pressure. Think of it as “Cruise Control” for your pump! The ABII is available with a range of flow rates to handle homes with up to four baths, irrigation, filtration and fire suppression systems. 
  • Input Power — 230V ±15%, single phase (controller only)
  • Output Power — Up to 230V three phase (based on input voltage). Motor rated for 208-230V, ±10%.
  • Maximum Output Current — 4.2 amps – 1AB2 (1 HP)
  • Input Controls — Up and down buttons to set pressure.
  • Signal Lights — Power on, pump running, inverter stopped, pump stopped, standby, faults/errors.
  • Electrical Efficiency — Over 95% at full load
  • Protection Against — Short circuit, under voltage, overload, motor temperature, dead heading, run out, suction loss, sensor fault, bound pump, over voltage, static discharge. Note: Suction loss/run out is set for minimum 10 psi at discharge!
  • Ambient Temperature — 34º F to 104º F
  • Maximum Humidity — 95% at 104º F, non-condensing
  • Air Pollution — Avoid mounting in areas with excessive dust, acids, corrosives and salts.
  • Controller Enclosure — Outdoor, NEMA 3R, IP 43 (Rain-tight)
  • Mounting — Wall mount with mounting hardware.
  • Cooling — Convection with cast aluminum heat sink.
  • Transducer — 0.5 - 4.5 VDC with 5 VDC power supply, 100 psi range, 10-foot 3-wire shielded cable.
  • Input Wire — 5 feet of 14, 10 or 8 gauge cable. Depending on size, cable is pre-wired to controller and motor conduit box.
  • Output Wire — 10 feet of 14 gauge cable. Cable is prewired to controller and pump motor (when provided).
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