Amtrol Well-X-Trol 4.4 Gallon Inline Water System Pressure Tank - WX-102

This inline model needs no floor space, and can be conveniently installed in closets, under sinks, and tight locations.

Exclusive butyl diaphragm, along with the 100% corrosion resistant virgin polypropylene liner, are secured by a positive hoop ring seal for added strength and reliability. This totally integrated system outperforms other types of water chamber designs.

The stainless steel air valve is welded rather than threaded to prevent loss of air pressure.

The finest quality, custom mill steel is used in the deep drawn dome for extra strength while keeping tank weight to a minimum.

Well-X-Trol 4.4 Gallon Inline Water System Pressure Tank - WX-102
Model # WX-102
Capacity 4.4 Gallon
Material Steel
Size 11" X 15"
Drawdown @(30-50 PSI) 1.5 Gallons
Drawdown @(40-60 PSI) 1.3 Gallons
Connection 3/4" NPTM
Warranty 7 Year Limited Warranty
Weight 9 lbs. (Shipping Weight)
UPC 642031644084
Price: $89.00

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NEW The Industry’s Longest Warranty: 7 Years

Projection Welded Air Valve
  • Eliminates threaded valve leak paths.
  • Tamper-evident warning label for added safety.
NEW High Strength Steel (HSS) Construction
  • Deep-drawn dome for double the strength of rolled steel.
  • Multi-dome construction for internal bracing.
Positive Hoop Ring and Groove Seal
  • Secures diaphragm and liner for added strength and reliability.
  • Exclusive welding process eliminates interior rough spots and sharp edges that can damage the diaphragm and liner.
Seamless Heavy Duty Butyl Diaphragm
  • The Industry’s thickest diaphragm for extra strength and flexibility.
  • Conforms exactly to the shell without stretching, creasing or forming bubbles that could trap water or sediment.
  • Meets stringent FDA requirements for potable water.
Polypropylene Tank Liner
  • Provides 100% corrosion resistant, non-metallic water reservoir.
  • NSF® International Standard 61 listed for clean, safe water storage with no taste or odor.
Stainless Steel System Connection
  • Withstands aggressive water conditions.
NEW Turbulator™ Water Circulation Device
  • Patent pending design agitates water as it enters tank.
  • Helps reduce sediment build-up and extends tank life.
NEW Best-in-Class 150 psig Pressure Rating
  • 20% higher working pressure performance.
  • Each tank is pressure tested for added safety.
  • Pre-pressurized to the most common pump cut-in pressure.
NEW Tuf-Kote™ Indoor/Outdoor Coating Technology
  • Now standard on all models
  • Stands up to the most severe environments.
NEW DuraBase™ Composite Tank Stand available on some models
  • Patent pending design is engineered for strength; allows tank to be rolled into place.
  • UV resistant material is rugged and will never corrode.


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